Quick Update!

Hiatus continues. I have in-state, but can’t apply for grants until Fall. So, I’ve been having ‘adventures in taking an online class when you don’t have regular internet access time’, which is also why I’m on tumblr less. The books reviews have not been scrapped, but they’re all in my head right now. However, life is actually going pretty well and I hope to be back here as soon as possible! Best to everyone!

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Continuing Hiatus/Blog Shift Announcement

For the time being, I am going to have to shut off my internet. But if I’m approved for FAFSA in the coming months (I’ve only just reached the eligible “independent” age).

I don’t want to disappear and I don’t want to let this blog die, so, for the next couple months, I hope to make this a little book review blog. I grabbed a large stack of mostly unfamiliar fiction and nonfiction from the library and I will have more time to read them.

Fingers crossed that I’ll be back to truly enjoy the thick of the DOFP anticipation. (I don’t post it, but I’m also stoked for ‘The Desolation of Smaug’ and will be introducing Lydz to the magic of midnight screenings this week. While looking hobbit-y with my always faithful pointy ears and leaf of Lorien brooch. Plus, the chubby part. Would like to dress dwarf, but I am simply not at that level of flawlessness.) Hugs for everyone who likes/wants hugs!


because he was such a fundamentally and wholly good person, i’m sure we’re going to see a lot of mainstream and conservative sources appropriating mandela’s feel-good quotes to show their deference to him in the next few days. and we owe it to mandela’s legacy to not let them get away with that.

never forget that apartheid ended in the fucking nineteen NINETIES and never forget that the people who opposed the ANC’s anti-apartheid mission and who threw him in prison and tried to kill him are still alive and still powerful. never forget that the ANC was closely allied with communist groups in south africa and namibia. never forget that without funding and resources from the CIA and american businesses apartheid would’ve ended much, much sooner. never forget that the ANC was considered a terrorist group by the US until two thousand fucking EIGHT. never forget that the ANC actually WAS a terrorist group at some points in history and that mandela himself condoned the use of violence in response to the severe oppression his people underwent. 

do justice to the legacy of your idols by remembering them for who they were, not making them safe for mass consumption

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Quick Drop-in

Still alive! I’ve just been in a bit of a funk, socialization-wise, in addition to having lots of schoolwork (and blocking tumblr for it) as well as the cold finally doing in the car battery (and being so lucky to have a car/being the only one of my local friends who has one; so trying to relearn the local transportation schedules and routes to fit everything in/worrying about how I’ll get around in the snow when I can have the battery replaced),

Hope all has been well! (I’m sure I’ve missed a lot). I plan to be back to regular posting in a couple weeks, when things become a little less chaotic.

Ads for Tanishq; by Suresh Natarajan; celebrating Afro-Indian culture in East Africa

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gambit a disaster

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someone studying atoms is really just a bunch of atoms trying to understand themselves

what have you done

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